“O” Split Rings


Ball Chain

1502 link 1504 link 1505 S-hook attachment 1503 twisted-link 1506 O-ring dog tag attachment nickel plated O-ring fastener 1.5 dog collar rivets ball chains for tags, keychains
Style 1502 – Galvanized
Style 1502SS – Stainless
1″ high x .091 dia.
Style 1504 – Galvanized
1″ high x .105 dia.
Style 1505 – Plated Steel
3/4″ high x .080 dia.
Style 1503 – “Twisted” Galvanized
1″ high x .105 dia.
Style 1506 – Galvanized
Style 1506SS – Stainless
11/16″ outside dia.
1514 – Nickel
Plated Steel 1″ outside dia.
Style 1513 – Nickel Plated Steel
1.5″ outside dia.
Style 1508BR – 1/8″ Brass Plated
Style 1508NI – 1/8″ Nickel Plated
needs 9/64″ hole
Style 1507 – 4″ Brass Plated
Style 1507SS – 4″ Stainless Steel
Style 1507NI – 4″ Nickel Plated
Style 150724 – 24″ Aluminum Neck Chain

If you are using Pop Rivets to mount your tags, you must use a larger hole than your Pop Rivet. (For example, if you have 1/8″ Pop Rivets, you’ll need 9/64″ holes.)
Welding is also a great solution for affixing your industrial plate tags to surfaces.

Chain Sling Tag Connectors (1-3/8” inside diameter)

Style 1521 *Patent Pending

The chain tag attachments (Style 1521) are to be used with an eighth inch Nico Press Sleeve. Simply put the attachment through the hole on the tag, then through a link or chain connector on the chain, then apply the eighth inch sleeve to secure it.

Plated Steel Rings (1”)

Style 1514

Wire Rope Tag Connectors (2.5”)

Style 1520

The wire rope attachments (Style 1520) are to be used by simply hooking the attachment through the hole in the tag, then put into the sleeve inside the eye, and swage it.

Wire Rope Tag Connectors (1.5”)

Style 1522

The wire rope attachments (Style 1522) are to be used by simply hooking the attachment through the hole in the tag, then put into the sleeve inside the eye, and swage it.

chain sling tag connector 1 wire rope tag connector small wire rope tag connector

Wire Bundles

Black Zip Ties

Stainless steel wire bundle and galvanized steel wire bundle black zip ties
Style 1525 – .040″ 304 Stainless Steel
Style 1526 – .062″ Galvanized Steel
Standard: 12″ long — 100 piece bundles
Also available in custom sizes from 3″ to 18″:
1525CS – .040″ Custom Short 304 Stainless Steel – 3″-11″
1525CL – .040″ Custom Long 304 Stainless Steel – 13″-18″
1526CS – .062″ Custom Short Galvanized Steel – 3″-11″
1526CL – .062″ Custom Long Galvanized Steel – 13″-18″
Style 1527 — 50lb. Black UV Cable Tie
18″ long, 3/16″ wide
1/4″ Minimum Diameter

Adhesive Backing

Hand Engraver

adhesive backed tag electric hand engraver
Adhesive Backing available only on Aluminum Tags in all tag heights with backing in 3 sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1 1/2.
500 tag minimum. Contact us for a quote.

Style R1580 – Battery Powered Precision Engraver with Diamond Tip Bit

Ring Applicator

Keysie Ring Applicator

Style 1506S Applicator for 1506, 1506SS, 1514 Style 1510S Applicator for 1506, 1506SS, 1514
O-ring applicator Tool to open split ring

This hand tool is a helpful device that spreads the ring apart for attaching the tag to the ring and to the collar, or cage, or other item.
$8.00 each

Keysie O-ring applicator

This tool is helpful to spread the ring apart, and also attaches to your keyring for storage. Available Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange
$1.00 each

Split Rivet Application

S-Hook Application

Hand Stamps

For Styles 1508BR, 1508NI For Styles 1502, 1502SS, 1503, 1504, 1505 Style 1571: Numbers 0-9 Style 1572: Letters A-Z
split rivet application s hook application handstamps for on-site identification. A-Z and 0-9Hardened steel, gothic style, letters and numbers for hand stamping tags.
Contact us for information on Stamping/Numbering. Available in 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″.
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StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
1502.091 Link4.50.0170.0140.0110.0110.01
1502SSStainless Steel Link40.0860.0680.0550.0520.05
1504.105 Link60.0190.0150.0120.0120.011
1503.105 Twisted Link60.030.0240.0190.0180.017
1505.080 Link2.70.0860.0680.0550.0520.05
150611/16" Ring2.50.0240.0190.0150.0140.014
1506SS11/16" Stainless Steel Ring2.50.0860.0680.0550.0520.05
15141" Ring50.0680.0550.0440.0420.04
1513Nickel Plated 1.5” Split Ring80.1220.0970.0780.0740.071
1508NINickel Plated Rivets0.80.0270.0220.0180.0170.016
1508BRBrass Plated Rivets0.80.0270.0220.0180.0170.016
1507#3 Brass Plated Ball Chain 4"2.50.0940.0760.060.0570.054
1507NINickel Plated Ball Chain 4"2.50.1280.1020.0820.0780.074
1507SSStainless Steel Ball Chain 4"2.50.2370.190.1520.1450.137
15072424" Aluminum Ball Chain80.3230.2580.2060.1960.187
1521Chain Sling Tag Connector0.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.2580.258
1520Wire Rope Tag Connector 2.5"0.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.155
1522Wire Rope Tag Connector 1.5"0.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.1550.155
152512" .040 Stainless Steel Wire50.0880.0660.055NULL
1525CS3"-11" Custom Short .040 Stainless Steel Wire50.070.0520.044NULL
1525CL13"-18" Custom Long .040 Stainless Steel Wire90.1050.0790.065NULL
152612" .062 Galvanized Steel Wire10.0450.0330.028NULL
1526CS3"-11" Custom Short .062 Galvanized Steel Wire100.0340.0260.022NULL
1526CL13"-18" Custom Long .062 Galvanized Steel Wire180.0610.0460.039NULL
152750 lb. Black UV Stable Cable Ties (18")10.217NULL
R1580Hand Engraver125.75NULL
1506sRing Applicator0.58.24
1510SKeysie Ring Applicator1.030.618NULL
1571 - small1/16 or 1/8 Numbers 0-90.821.00 per set3.09
1571 - large1/4 or 3/16 Numbers 0-91.531.50 per set3.61
15721/16 or 1/8 Letters A-Z1.7557.80 per set3.09
15721/4 or 3/16 Letters A-Z3.7589.30 per set3.61